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Our commitment to wellness combines information with healthy offerings to enable our customers to make choices that meet their needs.

Healthy Dining Basic Standards outline what our cafes offer to ensure the basic items a customer needs to put together a healthy meal are available. Included are items such as whole grains, low fat dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables and low sugar beverages.

Balance Icons provide a quick way to identify items that meet your needs. Foods that meet the following criteria will be identified with an icon in the café and on our menus.
FIT – Moderate in calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.
Vegetarian – Does not contain meat, fish or poultry but may contain dairy and/or eggs.
Vegan - Contains absolutely no ingredients from animal or dairy sources.
No Sugar Added – Beverages or desserts that contain no added sugar, but may contain natural sugar.

Nutrigram is our monthly newsletter that addresses current topics in nutrition and wellness. Following the headlines on nutrition topics it can seem that the message is constantly changing. We evaluate the latest research and provide usable tips to help you sort through the trends and fads.
Superfoods are foods that provide health benefits above and beyond their basic nutrient content. Each month we celebrate a different Superfood in our cafe with menu items to taste, recipes to try at home and interesting facts about what makes the featured food super.
Special Dietary Needs – We encourage our customers with special dietary needs to speak with us. Our chefs are knowledgeable about the ingredients in the food they prepare and are ready to share this information to enable you to make safe food choices.






Balance elements of Wellness






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