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As a world leader in our field we have to set the very highest standards for the quality of the services we provide and the professional and ethical way we run our business. Our reputation and future success depend on it. We connect our diverse expertise, resources, and time to help improve the lives of those in need.

As a food service company we understand that it is important to be as diverse as the clients and customers we serve. The increasing diversity of our clients and customers represents a huge opportunity for innovation within the foodservice industry. Our diversity strategy has been developed to attract, retain, and develop a workforce filled with associates from a variety of backgrounds and enable them to reach their full potential. We partner with several industry and minority professional organizations to not only help build a pipeline of diverse talent, but to also demonstrate support for the communities where we work and live.

Health and Safety
Each of us at Compass Group has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace serving food that is always safe to eat and to minimize, our impact on the environment. Our primary concern is that the food we serve is prepared to the very highest standards using quality products and ingredients and as the very minimum we will comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice. To ensure best practice we have developed a common minimum operating standard and set of behaviors which will be practiced at every location we operate. We will regularly measure compliance against these standards and implement performance objectives to assure our clients and customers that we are providing food which is safe to eat while meeting their quality expectations.

Acting Local
Supporting the preservation of the American family farm, reducing the carbon foot print of our supply chain, and giving back to the local communities are central to our core values. In collaboration with our partners at the Institute for Agricultural Trade policy, we seeking to reduce our dependence on factory farming and to partner with qualified local and regional growers to encourage our units to develop relationships with local farms whenever possible. In support of our companywide commitment to sustainability and wellness, Compass Group has been making strides to establish relationships with local farmers and produce distributors to encourage local buying and promote seasonally available produce. Compass Group defines “local” as typically within a 150 radius from the producing facility. A “local farmer” farms as an occupation, not a hobby. We encourage our clients, customers, managers and chefs to build greater relationships with local farmers to make a difference in our local economy. To ensure food safety and traceability of local produce, purchasing is always done through our approved produce distributors.

Social Justice
The Immokalee region is the heart of the Florida tomato industry which provides 95% of all U.S. grown tomatoes eaten by Americans from October to June. Compass Group partnered with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to pay an additional 1.5 cents per pound for all the tomatoes they purchase annually in Florida, with 1 cent per pound being passed from the supplier directly to the harvesters. This additional money represents a 64% wage hike for the tomatoes the harvesters pick that go to Compass Group. A ‘Code of Conduct’ was also developed, designed to improve working conditions and give harvesters opportunity to advance beyond the field. This agreement was hailed by both U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis, who said it was "a huge victory" for harvesters – and by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.






Balance Elements of Humanity






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