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    Good nutrition is part of overall wellness

    The health care industry is recognizing that healthy food is defined by nutritional quality as well as where foods are raised, processed and distributed. As a member of the Partnership For A Healthier America (PHA) in the Hospital Healthier Food Initiative, Morrison Healthcare is guiding Norton Healthcare through its wellness journey. Our wellness journey began in 2007, and are proud to say we have strengthened our leadership role in wellness by aligning ourselves with the PHA and Hospital Healthier Food Initiative.

    Morrison partners with Norton Healthcare to implement standards for healthy food marketing, wellness meal offerings, nutritional labeling, food preparation, healthy beverages and produce offerings. In addition, our clinical nutrition team works closely with our chefs and Norton Healthcare leaders to educate employees and community members about healthy eating.

    Changing the way we eat at Norton Healthcare is a big step toward modeling how we should eat in our community.

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