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  • Mindful Choices
    As a leading healthcare foodservice provider, Morrison has promoted wellness since 1987. Today we are entering a new era in wellness and healthful eating, as both are inextricably linked to future of healthcare and our national welfare.  There are multiple self-styled organizations, each with their own wellness and healthful eating platform, soliciting hospitals to adopt their program. Not all of these organizations, however, approach the topic with an understanding the challenges that individual hospitals face in serving their specific patients, staff and families or the additional challenges of encouraging real behavioral change in the hospital environment.

    Rising healthcare costs and lost productivity within the healthcare setting and community is driving the demand for prevention-based programs. By providing unique wellness solutions, we assure the highest standards through promoting awareness of health and wellness, educating our customers on making healthier choices, and sharing results and successes. Mindful ChoicesSM  includes the latest research on healthful eating and an understanding of behavioral change in food consumption. Additionally this platform includes the understanding of the local communities, demographics and traditions that comprise the hospital customers that we, Morrison, have served for over 55 years.

    Our goals are to:

    1. Improve the health and well-being of our customers
    2. Assist our clients with controlling cost by managing lifestyle-related health condition
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